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I created this project to share my source code and tools for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and 2013.

As a certified trainer, I always get interesting questions from the audiences in my classes & seminar sessions. Some of them are good enough for me to create new programming projects just to try out the concepts. This Codeplex project contains the answers to those questions. I hope, you will enjoy it.

The first solution here is the "Account Generators". Probably, the most popular question from my audiences is "How fast is our CRM system?", "Can it really handle large volume of data?" .... The best way to answer this kind of question is to SHOW THEM.

The "Account Generators" solution can be used to create millions of Account and Contact records without human intervention. And with the source code, you can modify it to create even more related records such as Activities, Products, Cases, etc.

Once we have a large volume of data in the database, you can do the performance tuning on the database and server(s). After that, show your audience how enterprise is the Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

To compile the "Account Generators", you need to download both AccountGenerators and Utilities (, then extract them into the same folder. Open the solution under AccountGenerators using Visual Studio 2010 or newer. After that run it in the debug mode for testing.

Should you have any questions, you can also post them here:

Thanks for visiting my page and I look forward to seeing you again here (for the next solution.)

Jirat B.

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